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20 First-rate CSS Galleries for Inspiration

You’re probably sick and tired of showcases of 100+ CSS galleries, so we have decided to showcase just 20 of the best CSS galleries around. Many of the smaller CSS galleries tend to reproduce the same sites that were originally showcased on some of the larger sites, as it can sometimes be difficult to churn out excellent new sites on a daily basis.

20 First-rate CSS Galleries for Inspiration

CSS galleries have been around for some time, and have been used and abused during this period. They still can offer great inspiration. However, the best inspiration often comes when you do your own searching and stumble across well-designed sites.

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Dec 27 / webecta

Top 20 Horrendous Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop has been around for more than twenty years, and for much of that time, it has been regarded as one of the most complete photo and imaging editors around. When one thinks of a tool used to make either small or large edits to photographs or designs, Photoshop generally pops into mind.

Top 20 Horrendous Photoshop Disasters

It doesn’t take a lot of knowledge how to do basic edits, but there are still plenty of instances where disasters have occurred, in which the public sees the undesired effects of a project that wasn’t glanced over (to say the least) before being printed for millions to see.

In this post, we have collected some of the community’s favorite Photoshop disasters of recent years. By no means is this post complete, as Photoshop Disasters (and other blogs) have covered more than 550 of these examples.

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Dec 26 / webecta

Excellent Sites to Find Logo Design Inspiration

We can find logo design inspiration all around us. Some say that we see thousands of “brands” each day, some of which are recognized around the world. Logos can be iconic, or they can be unique, helping aid in the recognition of a company or message.

Many websites overlook the design of their logo, instead resorting to dull logos that don’t have anything to do with their message. Quite often, a great logo doesn’t appear out of thin air, but is the work of years of revisions and modifications. Take a look at the logos of Apple, Intel, Xerox, and UPS. They are some of the largest companies in the world, yet they have maintained their brand identities by sticking to one main scheme and only making simple modifications.

In this post, we’ll be showcasing some of the best sites to find logo inspiration. Sure, you can find a lot of them on your own simply browsing, but it is great to have sites like these, with all the well-designed and fresh logos in one place.

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Dec 25 / webecta

Moving Photography of Anthony Kurtz, a Street Photographer

Anthony Kurtz is involved in the photojournalism and fine arts areas of photography, with themes that really stand out in his work. He has won several awards, including the “International Photo Awards” as well as the global “Prix de Photgraphie de Paris” competition.

Here is a further excerpt from his portfolio: “One hour into his first Psychology class, Anthony Kurtz walked out of the sciences forever and into the arts. Quitting his long-time home of Geneva, Switzerland for San Francisco, Anthony began attending the Academy of Art University in 2001, studying New Media and Graphic Design. In the Fall of 2002, he attended a mandatory liberal-arts class: Intro to Photography. Without any further education in the field, he continued to learn on his spare time while simultaneously pursuing his degree in New Media. In March 2003, he acquired his first SLR camera and documented the anti-war protests that shut down the City of San Francisco following the invasion of Iraq.”

You can find his work on his website or on his Behance Portfolio.

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Dec 24 / webecta

20 Best Places to Find Web Design Jobs Online

There are hundreds of places online to find jobs, but when it comes to graphic and web design jobs (plus an occasional development/coding project), there is a more limited selection. While the largest job sites often present some “online” jobs, they are generally quite limited, especially compared to more niche-specific sites.

20 Best Places to Find Web Design Jobs

With the new year right around the corner and here before you know it, it may be the perfect time to find a new design project to take under. Each of these sites offers something special, as they aren’t like many of the “generic” sties out there.

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